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In this short  1-2 minute podcast we will explain your benefits one topic at a time.

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In this podcast find out when you can make changes to your benefits elections:

Benefits Minute #1: Benefit changes - when can I make them?

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Recently Hired? Start here to learn about enrolling in your benefits.

The best time to enroll is after your first paycheck. The benefits you choose will be effective on the first day of the month 30 days after your hire date. You must enroll before then. 

New Hire Benefits Guide

New Hire Benefits Guide (Espanol)

New Hire Postcard

New Hire Postcard (Espanol)

Direct Primary Care Plus and SimpleScripts' RX Benefit

Direct Primary Care Plus and SimpleScripts' RX Benefit (Espanol)

New Hire Newsletter

ALEX Interactive Benefits Tool

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Check out these short videos for information on how these 2021 benefits plans work.

Medical Plans Video

Dental Plans Video

FSA Plans Video

Life Insurance Plans Video

What You Need to Know About the Wellness Discount Program

Lo que necesita saber sobre el Programa de descuento por bienestar

*Eligible employees,
You and your spouse or domestic partner can earn significant discounts off your health premiums in 2021, $500 per year for employees completing the program and an additional $100 if your spouse or domestic partner does the same. That is a savings of $50 a month/$600 a year.

If your Dent Wizard medical insurance is not yet active you will have to wait until it is active before participating (*Eligible employees)

All you need to do is complete both steps of the program by January 31, 2021.

1.  Call Quest Diagnostics at 855.623.9355 and schedule your FREE biometric screening or go online to Your registration key is dentwizard (all one word) and the Unique ID is the last six digits of your social security number (for a spouse it is the last 6 of their social).

Your biometric screening results will be emailed to you within 3 days and mailed to your home within 2 weeks.

 Quest Diagnostics Participant Demo Video

New This Year: Prefer to do your testing yourself in the privacy of your own home? Contact Quest using the same information as listed above and request your At Home Test Kit** (restrictions apply***). The test kit will be mailed to your home along with instructions. Remember tests must be completed and processed between November 1, 2020 and January 31, 2021.

If you have already had biometric testing completed due to a physician’s order earlier this year (2020) you can request a physician’s form from Quest online at (registration key dentwizard (all one word), Unique ID is the last six digits of your social security number). Send the form to your physician**** to complete and ask them to fax it to Quest using the fax number noted on the form. 

Employees must have active Dent Wizard Aetna Medical Insurance before contacting Quest.

2.  After you receive your biometric screening results: Take a Health Assessment online at Register or log-in with your Aetna user name and password. When asked to "Choose your view" select "Dealer Tire, LLC". 
Instructions for completing the online Health Assessment

Spouses and Domestic Partners participating in the program must have a social security number on file with Dent Wizard. Children regardless of age are not eligible to participate. Please click the link and watch the wellness discount game show video ”Who Has The Answer” starring a few of Dent Wizard’s HR cast of players.

You can also click the Wellness Discount FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions.

Wellness Discount Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) English

Wellness Discount Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Espanol


*Eligible employees are defined as FT employees hired before October 2020 with active medical insurance on or before 01/01/21.

**At Home Test Kits require the collection of blood via a finger stick. Please note: You will need to return your completed test to the Quest address as stated on the kit. You will want to verify it has been received before January 19, 2021. To verify your test has been received contact Quest online at or by calling 855.623.9355. To insure you receive your test kit at your home address check that your personal information is up to date. Dent Wizard, Quest Labs and Aetna are not responsible for missing, late or incomplete tests.

*** Restrictions: Quest is unable to mail at home test kits to individual living in the state of New York.

**** Your Physician may charge to complete the Quest physician’s form; any charges associated with completing and sending your form will be at the employee’s expense.

Current 2020 Plan Information

The information provided below refers to information for the current 2020 benefits. The benefits described below will expire 12/31/20. More information on 2021 plans will be available soon.

Contact us or to update your home mailing address: email or call the HR Hotline at 314-592-1957. 




Please note: Benefits will remain in effect and cannot be changed or revoked unless you notify us within 31 days of qualifying event or during an annual Open Enrollment period.

Please note that Met Life will not mail Dental Coverage Cards. To access a copy of your card online, you will need to register at or download the Met Life smartphone app.

How to Obtain Insurance ID Cards

Information for HSA enrollees

Benefits Reminder Postcard

Benefits Reminder Postcard (Espanol)

Benefits Newsletter December 

2021 Benefits Vendor Contact Information



How to add or update your life insurance beneficiary information


**At the top right of the document there is an option to download and print

Add or update a beneficiary for your life insurance using these simple steps.  

You will need the person's name and birthdate. 

Log-on to

Dependents & Beneficiaries
Add the name and birthdate of the person/persons you want.
In ADP go to Myself
Choose the life plan and add the person/persons that you want for your beneficiary you will need to sign each person a percentage.  The combined percentages will need to equal 100%