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In this podcast find out when you can make changes to your benefits elections:

Benefits Minute #1: Benefit changes - when can I make them?

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Your New 2022 Wellbeing Program!

Open to all full-time and part-time employees
regardless of medical insurance enrollment.

Dent Wizard is saying goodbye to the wellness program that we have used for the last several years. Gone are the days of completing biometrics at a Quest lab and taking an Aetna online health assessment. We are joining the Dealer Tire Family of Companies in the 2022 HealthWi$e Wellbeing program through Virgin Pulse.

*** This program requires enrollment and participation ***

Please view full enrollment information at this link. 

Virgin Pulse Healthwise Quick Guide

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Please note: Benefits will remain in effect and cannot be changed or revoked unless you notify us within 31 days of qualifying event or during an annual Open Enrollment period.

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How to add or update your life insurance beneficiary information


What is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a person that will receive your account proceeds if you die. You can “designate” one or multiple beneficiaries. You can also designate “secondary” or “contingent” beneficiaries for your accounts if your “primary” beneficiary is no longer there to receive them.


3 reasons to name a beneficiary

  1. It eliminates confusion. Having a current beneficiary on file for all your accounts leaves no doubt about where you want your insurance proceeds to go.
  2. It saves time (and maybe money). If you die without naming a beneficiary, it will take time for the funds in your accounts to go where you wanted - even if you have a will. Your funds could be delayed in a legal process, and the person in charge of your estate could face a lot of paperwork. Meanwhile, if some of your money is meant to cover your funeral expenses, your loved ones could be left with the bill.
  3. It ensures your loved ones’ financial wellness. Life insurance typically provides money to replace income and cover things like funeral costs.

Keep them current

As your life changes, it’s important to review your beneficiary. Things like marriage, divorce, a new child, and death of a loved one can affect your plans and your beneficiary designation.


Designate or Change your Beneficiary at any time of year

You can designate or change your beneficiary at any time. There is no need to wait for an open enrollment period. Simply follow the steps below or email with your request, the full name and birthdate of the person you would like to designate. It is not required but can be very helpful to also include the home address and phone number of your beneficiary.  


How to Add or Update your Life Insurance Beneficiary Information

Add or update a beneficiary for your life insurance using these simple steps.  

You will need the person's name and birthdate. 

Log-on to

Dependents & Beneficiaries
Add the name and birthdate of the person/persons you want.
In ADP go to Myself

Choose the life plan and add the person/persons that you want for your beneficiary you will need to sign each person a percentage. The combined percentages will need to equal 100%