At Dent Wizard, we value your health and wellness and understand your need for quality, affordable care. Our Department of Human Resources is committed to providing our employees with an affordable, high-quality, comprehensive benefits program. Items outside of the standard medical, vision, and dental plans include funeral planning, disease management, 24 nurses line, smoking cessation programs, and many more. As a full time Dent Wizard employee, you and your family are eligible to participate in Dent Wizard's comprehensive benefits offerings. Coverage is available to employees after 90 days of full time service.

Please take a moment and review some of our rich, benefit options and be sure to check back in regularly to view your eligible benefits. 

For any questions or concerns regarding your benefit options, please do not hesitate to contact Dent Wizard’s HR Hotline at 314-592-1957 or email

Life and Long Term Disability Insurance

Information coming soon. 

Annual Notices

Annual Notices

Tobacco Cessation - Quit for life

Quit for Life Introduction Video

QFL Overview Flyer

401k - Mass Mutual

Retire Smart Mass Mutual 401k Website

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP Website

Work-Life Discount Center Fyer

Adult Caregivers Flyer

EAP Member Flyer (Spanish)

EAP Member Brochure (Spanish)

Work-Life Services Overview Flyer

EAP Legal Financial Theft (spanish)

EAP Member Flyer

Medical Insurance

Aetna Member Website

Aetna 24hr Nurse Hotline

Aetna Simple Steps program

Aetna Member Fitness Discount

IRS Section 125 Qualifying Event Checklist

Children's Health Insurance Program

Aetna Health Connections Disease Management Program

Aetna Beginning Right Maternity Program

Aetna CVS Member Overview Flyer

Aetna Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Aetna Beginning Right Pregnancy Fact Sheet

Aetna Case Management Flyer

How Your Deductible Works Video

How Your Healthfund HRA Works Video

$700 Schedule of Benefits

2017 HRA Schedule of Benefits


Certificate of Eligibility for Domestic Partner Spanish

Domestic Partner Health Tax Information Spanish

Domestic Partner Health Tax Information

YMCA GWR Map and Facilty Features

Aetna Member Discount Program

2017 Biweekly Payroll Calendar

2017 Semi Monthly Payroll Calendar

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Payflex (FSA) Member Website

FSA Claim Form

FSA Claim Filing Instructions

How your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Works Video

Flexible Spending Account (Spanish Version)


Basic Dental Plan Booklet

Basic Dental Plan Fee Schedule

PPO Dental Plan Booklet

PPO Dental Plan Fee Schedule


2016 One page Benefits Overview Spanish

2017 Benefits Overview One Page

2017 Enrollment Guide English

2017 Spanish Enrollment Guide

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement

Vision Service Plan (VSP) - Vision Insurance

VSP Flyer

VSP Flyer Spanish

Voluntary Benefits - Transamerica


Critical Illness

Disability NY



Short Term Disability

Aetna Health Insurance


Wellness Discounts for 2018 will be added into ADP on a weekly basis.

If you have completed both steps of the Wellness Discount process and would like to check to see if your discount information has been added

On a computer
Log on to ADP at

If your discount has been added you will see:
- Biometric Discount A. Employee, Full Time Regular ($40.00) Monthly
- Biometric Discount B. Dependent, Full Time Regular ($20.00) Monthly

If you do not see your discount now but have completed both steps please be sure to check back each week.
Your discounts will be added after you have completed both the biometric screening and the online assessment and that information has been given to us by Aetna.

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