This page is provided as a reference for our benefit plan options and includes items outside of the standard medical, vision, and dental plans including disease management, 24 hour nurse line, smoking cessation programs, and many more. The description under the heading gives a short explanation of what information you will find in that section.

At Dent Wizard, we value your health and wellness and understand your need for quality, affordable care. As a full time Dent Wizard employee, you and your family are eligible to participate in Dent Wizard's comprehensive benefits offerings. New employees should register with ADP Self Service as soon as you receive you first paycheck.  By logging into ADP Self Service at (first time registration passcode is DWIZ-1234) you can enroll in benefits, view pay checks and more. Please note that new employees must enroll in benefits before their 90th day of employment; see the enrollment section for instructions and information who can enroll and instructions on how to enroll.

For any questions or concerns regarding your benefit options, please do not hesitate to contact Dent Wizard’s HR Hotline at 314-592-1957 or email

EAP phone number is 1-800-888-2273; scroll down to find more information on Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services.


Q: When is the best time to enroll in health and welfare coverage? 

A: Register for ADP Self Service as soon as you get your first paycheck. You must be enrolled before your 90th day of employment or your benefit options will default to “waive status” and you will be unable to enroll until the next Open Enrollment period. The enrollment guides in this section will provide valuable information on your benefit options and instructions on how to enroll electronically via ADP self-service. There is a printable version of the guide as well as an online option. The 2018 Benefits phone number and URL wallet card will give you contact information for benefits services as well as the HR Hotline number and benefits e-mail address so you can contact us whenever you need assistance.

2018 Benefits Enrollment Guide (English) - Printable

2018 Benefits Enrollment Guide Espanol

2018 Benefits Enrollment 1-page Glance 

2018 Benefits Enrollment 1-page Glance Espanol

2018 Benefits Phone Number and URL Wallet Card

Medical Insurance

Here you will find information about specialty programs and services offered through our Aetna health insurance plan. The Summary of Benefits links will provide you with an overview of your coverage and costs for treatment and prescriptions according to your medical plan. Links to short online videos explaining how your HRA and deductible work and Teladoc (telehealth via phone or internet).

Aetna Member Website

Aetna Medical ID Card - How to get yours

2018 $700 Medical Plan Summary of Benefits Coverage

2018 POS Medical Plan with HealthFund (HRA) Summary of Benefits Coverage

How Your Healthfund HRA Works Video

How Your Deductible Works Video

Aetna 24 Hour Nurse Hotline

Aetna Simple Steps program

Aetna Member Fitness Discount

IRS Section 125 Qualifying Event Checklist

Children's Health Insurance Program

Children's Health Insurance Program (Espanol)

Aetna Health Connections Disease Management Program

Aetna Beginning Right Maternity Program

Aetna CVS Member Overview Flier

Aetna Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Aetna Beginning Right Pregnancy Fact Sheet

Aetna Case Management Flier

Teladoc So Many Reasons

Teladoc So Many Reason Espanol

Wellness Discounts FAQ's 

Prescription Drug

In this section find information on how to set up Rx Home Delivery and how to use the Aetna Specialty Pharmacy to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes.   Please note that a $150 per person deductible is required for name brand drugs through a retail pharmacy and the Aetna Specialty pharmacy.  There is no deductible for generic medication or mail order pharmacy you need only  pay the co-pay amount.

Specialty Pharmacy Welcome Kit

Prescription Home Delivery


In this section you will find Plan booklets and fee schedules for both the Basic (indemnity) Dental plan and the PPO (Comprehensive) Dental plan. These documents can help you determine how much the plan will pay for covered services.

Basic Dental Plan Booklet

Basic Dental Plan Fee Schedule

PPO Dental Plan Booklet

PPO Dental Plan Fee Schedule

Vision Service Plan (VSP) - Vision Insurance

The VSP Flier explains how the plan pays and what your costs might be for eye exams, frames, lenses and other vision expenses. The Flier can be printed for your information or to give to your provider along with the enrolled employee’s social security number. VSP does not use a card. 

VSP Flier

VSP Flier Espanol

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Here you will find a link to the Aetna/Payflex FSA member website where you can track and submit claims, check your account payments and balances. If you prefer you can print a FSA claim form and instructions to fax. 

Payflex (FSA) Member Website

FSA Claim Form

FSA Claim Filing Instructions

FSA and Orthodontia Claims

How your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Works Video

Flexible Spending Account (Espanol)

401(k) - Mass Mutual

The Retire Smart Mass Mutual link will take you to where you can manage your account, make investment or deferral changes and update your beneficiary elections.  

How to register with

Mass Mutual's RetireSmart

Voluntary Benefits - Farmington

The information in this section gives you an overview of pricing and plan information on our Voluntary benefits. By contacting Farmington they can enroll you in Transamerica accident, critical illness, and short term disability. If you choose you can also enroll with Farmington for Nationwide Pet Insurance and Lifelock Identity protection. 


Critical Illness


Pet Insurance

Short Term Disability

Whole Life

Life and Long Term Disability

You are automatically enrolled in a company paid life insurance and long term disability plan through Reliance Standard after you have worked full time for 90 days.  You can elect additional life insurance for yourself and your dependents when you enroll in coverage and during the annual open enrollment period.   

Simple Steps to Assign a Beneficiary 

Life and LTD claims and evidence of insurability status can be answered 24/7 on or by calling Reliance Standard at 800 351-7500.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The information listed here outlines the confidential programs of our Employee Assistance Program you can find more information by clicking on the EAP website link. The EAP Member Flier can be printed for yourself or to give to a co-worker and includes the toll free number for professional consultation. 

EAP (Magellan) Website

Work-Life Discount Center Flier

Adult Caregivers Flier

EAP Member Flier (Espanol)

EAP Member Brochure (Espanol)

Work-Life Services Overview Flier

EAP Legal, Financial Assistance, Theft ID

EAP Legal Financial Theft (Espanol)

EAP Member Flier

EAP Kids Coping With Stress


Tuition Reimbursement

The tuition Reimbursement program requirements and application are available here. 
Employees who are interested should complete the application and return it along with supporting documentation to

Tuition Reimbursement


Tobacco Cessation - Quit for life

The information listed here is an introduction to our Tobacco Cessation program and instructions on how to enroll.  This program is free to employees, spouses or domestic partners. Employees who complete the program Dent Wizard will reward with a $50 visa gift card. 

Quit for Life Introduction Video

QFL Overview Flier


This section provides information on Domestic Partner Health Tax information, payroll calendars, and information on discounted services and fitness memberships with the Aetna Discount Program.

Certificate of Eligibility for Domestic Partner Spanish

Domestic Partner Health Tax Information Spanish

Domestic Partner Health Tax Information

Aetna Member Discount Program

2018 Biweekly Payroll Calendar

2018 Semimonthly Payroll Calendar

What happens to my benefits when I leave Dent Wizard

What happens to my benefits when I leave Dent Wizard? (Espanol)

Annual Notices

The information listed here contains important legally required information about many of your benefit plans.

Annual Notices

Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage

Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice


Attention:  Full-time employees must enroll in benefits before their 90th day of employment. 

Benefits Enrollment Guide - Mobile friendly and interactive 

Dent Wizard is proud to offer you and your family an affordable, high quality, comprehensive benefits program.  This interactive guide will help you choose the right health and welfare coverage for you and your family.  

If you have received your first paycheck with Dent Wizard, ENROLL IN YOUR BENEFITS NOW.  First time registration passcode is DWIZ-1234.

Questions?  Contact Human Resources at 314.592.1957.  We can help you. 

The Benefits Minute Podcast 

In this short  1-2 minute podcast we will explain your benefits one topic at a time.

Do you have a benefits related topic that you want to hear about? Send it to .

In this podcast find out when you can make changes to your benefits elections: 

Benefits Minute #1: Benefit changes - when can I make them? 

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