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In this short  1-2 minute podcast we will explain your benefits one topic at a time.

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In this podcast find out when you can make changes to your benefits elections:

Benefits Minute #1: Benefit changes - when can I make them?

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The information listed here outlines the confidential programs of our Employee Assistance Program you can find more information by clicking on the EAP website link. The EAP Member Flier can be printed for yourself or to give to a co-worker and includes the toll free number for professional consultation.

EAP (Magellan) Website

Work-Life Discount Center Flier

Adult Caregivers Flier

EAP Member Flier (Espanol)

EAP Member Brochure (Espanol)

Work-Life Services Overview Flier

EAP Money Management

EAP Legal, Financial Assistance, Theft ID

EAP Legal Financial Theft (Espanol)

EAP Member Flier

EAP Kids Coping With Stress

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