Dent Wizard Dealerships

SMART Repairs and Programs for Dealerships

Dent Wizard has been the leader in SMART repairs for over three decades in dealerships across the US and Canada, helping dealerships to sell cars quicker and increase profitability.

We work with dealerships to help them move vehicles to the front line fast, to repair hail damaged vehicles, to improve customer satisfaction and to increase revenue through the service drive.

Our trained technicians enhance the appearance of pre-owned vehicles on your lot while providing your dealership with additional opportunities to increase revenue through the service department and in F&I with our Finance and Insurance products.

There are several ways in which a dealer can work with Dent Wizard: through our Frontline Fast program for your inventory reconditioning, by implementing a Service Drive program that enables you to sell appearance repair services in the service lane, by selling our Ding Shield Service Plans in F&I and by utilizing our Certified Ding Free Program for new and pre-owned buyers.

Get started with Dent Wizard in your dealership by calling 1-800-DENT-WIZ (1-800-336-8949) or by using our contact form. A local service representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Quality and regulatory compliant services, consistent customer experience nationwide, simplified vendor management, technical training support and reduced liability exposure are all advantages of using Dent Wizard

Frontline Fast

Get your pre-owned inventory vehicles frontline ready FAST with Dent Wizard’s Frontline Fast program. Trained technicians, high-quality work and a one-stop shop for dealers. Learn more today!

Dent Wizard F&I service Plans

Increase profits and provide added value to your customers by offering one of Dent Wizard’s F&I Service Plans in your dealership. Dent Wizard F&I Service Plans help customers retain the value of their vehicles by providing coverage for dents, road hazard damage, wheels, cosmetic bumper damage and more. 

Learn about our Dent Wizard F&I Service Plans including the brand new AlwaysNu service plan, which includes coverage for road hazard tire and wheel and roadside assistance. 

Find out how you can offer Dent Wizard’s F&I Service Plans in your dealership today!

Service Drive

Drive in. Damage out. Learn about adding Dent Wizard to your dealership’s Service Drive today. Get your service drive program started now.

Ding Free

Dent Wizard's Ding Free Program helps your customers keep their vehicle in that "just purchased" condition. Become a part of Dent Wizard's Ding Free program today. Learn more today!

Paintless Dent Repair

We have been continually evolving the PDR process for over three decades through our dedication to technology and innovation in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Learn more about PDR from Dent Wizard.

Exterior Repair

Restore vehicles to their original look and feel with Exterior Repair by Dent Wizard. Our technicians are equipped to repair damage to panels, doors, wheels, bumpers, windshields and more. Learn more today!

Interior Repair

Restore vehicles to their like new look and feel with Interior Repair by Dent Wizard. Our technicians are equipped for consoles, carpet, seats, steering wheel and other interior cabin repairs. Learn more today!

Hail Damage Repair

Dent Wizard's industry-leading PDR process returns a vehicle to its original factory finish after a hail storm. Learn more about Hail Damage Repair today.

Wheel Repair

From scratches, gouges and corrosion to bent wheels and peeling clear coats, Dent Wizard’s wheel refinishing services are the remedy for wheel damage. Learn more about Wheel Repair from Dent Wizard today.

Paint Repair

Dent Wizard provides innovative, high quality paint repair solutions on vehicles including scuffed bumpers. Learn more today!