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Economic Benefits of Ding Shield to Dealerships

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Often the first thought a consumer has after purchasing a new vehicle is, "How can I maintain its current value?" Everyday damage, such as dings and dents, wheel rash, bumper scuffs and windshield chips, can easily threaten this goal, causing stress for new vehicle owners.

That's where our trusted network of dealers come in. Ding Shield partners with exemplary dealerships to not only provide industry-leading repair services but excellent customer service to its thousands of customers. We rely on our Ding Shield agents to help additional dealerships become aware of the benefits of Ding Shield appearance plans.

Ding Shield provides profit opportunity for dealers and is an enhancement on the F&I menu. Not only do dealerships get to offer their customers high quality service plans that drive repeat business, they also control their profit level by setting the sale price based upon the term of the service plan sold.

Ding Shield also provides all of its F&I partners with ongoing sales training and marketing support such as collateral and literature at no cost to the dealer. This ensures that every dealer is well equipped with all of the information that they could need in order to answer consumers' questions and provide additional information.

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