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How Ding Shield Works for Agents

Become a Ding Shield F&I Agent

Ding Shield provides quality coverage and repair services to help vehicle owners maintain auto value for years to come. To do so efficiently and effectively, our company depends on its network of F&I agents all over the United States and Canada.

We provide the only reconditioning program offered directly from a reconditioning company – we service what we sell, right at the location at which it was purchased. Because this provides repeat business for partnered dealerships, our service plans often sell themselves. Many new vehicle owners take advantage of their benefits in an effort to maintain auto value.

To effectively prepare our F&I agents, Ding Shield provides training either at our St. Louis headquarters or a regional location. Our team strives to make our F&I agents experts on our coverage plans to help them better understand, and therefore sell, Ding Shield plans to dealerships all over the country.

We don't just stop after training, though. Ding Shield provides extensive ongoing sales support to help F&I agents understand changes in compliance, as well as how to handle specific dealership questions and objections and more.

Ding Shield also provides an array of resources for support on the spot. From state-approved and state-compliant forms to brochures explaining coverage, our team supplies marketing collateral and literature to increase your success with sales and build dealership satisfaction.

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Economic Benefits to Dealerships

Not only do dealerships get to offer their customers high quality service plans that drive repeat business, they also control their profit level by setting the sale price based upon the term of the service plan sold. Learn more.