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How Ding Shield Works for Dealerships

How It Works

Ding Shield builds partnerships with dealerships committed to quality customer services. The mutually-beneficial relationship allows dealers to build on its dedication to customer satisfaction while allowing Ding Shield to provide value-retaining services for vehicle owners.

Qualified Ding Shield dealers build customer trust by selling and providing services under Ding Shield service plans. Ding Shield is a service contract that is sold through the dealerships F&I department as an option on the dealerships menu. Both new and used vehicles are eligible for the Ding Shield Service Plan. However, pre-owned vehicles must be certified "clean" cars in conjunction with Dent Wizard's Certified and Ding-Free Programs as well as having all prior windshield, wheel and bumper damage repaired.

Once a dealership has signed up to sell Ding Shield, the dealerships customers will be able to purchase a plan directly from the F&I Manager when purchasing their next vehicle. Customers that have purchased a plan are able to easily schedule appointments to have their vehicle repaired, at the same dealership that they purchased their plan from, by a certified Dent Wizard technician.

The Ding Shield, Ding Shield Preferred, Ding Shield Drive and Ding Shield One plans offer varying levels of service coverage, allowing customers to choose what works best for their vehicle needs. Each service plan includes unlimited ding and dent repairs, up to the size of the Ding Shield card which Dent Wizard will provide to all customers. The personalized Ding Shield card is 3.25" X 2". Depending on the chosen plan, windshield, wheel and bumper repair services are also provided. Ding Shield customers are also eligible for hail damage coverage of up to $500 or the amount of your vehicle's insurance deductible, whichever is less.*

To support dealerships, Ding Shield provides state-approved and state-compliant forms in almost every state, streamlining customer service and repair requests. All repairs are scheduled by appointment with a participating dealer and are performed by a certified Dent Wizard technician on location. Ding Shield strives to make serving customers and dealerships as efficient and simple as possible, satisfying all parties involved.

Provide something the competition can't – dedication to customers long after they drive off the lot, especially in their time of need for repair services. Build customer loyalty, and become a Ding Shield dealer today.

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Benefits To Your Dealership

Ding Shield provides your customers with peace of mind and is designed around retention to bring customers back into the dealership, which may result in additional service and sales opportunities. Learn More.