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How to Buy Ding Shield

Everyday vehicle damage plagues all vehicle owners, but it shouldn't stress you out or inconvenience your busy life. With a Ding Shield service plan, you can receive auto care repairs quickly and at no additional cost to you.

To buy a Ding Shield plan, contact a qualified dealership and learn more about the tiered levels of coverage. Our Ding Shield, Ding Shield Preferred, Ding Shield Drive and Ding Shield One plans offer varying levels of services to retain your vehicle's value. A dealership representative will be available to discuss how each plan is different and can help you determine the best level of care for your vehicle.

Whenever you need repairs from everyday vehicle damage, you can easily make an appointment right at a dealer's location. Ding Shield utilizes industry-leading auto care services available at an expedited pace to get your car in, out and back on the road.

Don't let common dings, dents and scuffs slow your busy life down. Purchase a Ding Shield plan through a qualified dealer to receive excellent repair services at your convenience. Contact us today to get started.

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How to Buy Ding Shield

Ding Shield is sold at qualified dealerships across the US and Canada. Learn more about purchasing Ding Shield and find a dealer near you today.