Why choose a Vehicle Protection Plan from Dent Wizard?

Don't drive around without protection from road debris, annoying dents or alloy wheel scrapes, Everyday damage shouldn't stress you out or require expensive repairs. You can't predict road hazards that could damage your tires or wheels or chip a windshield. Plus, getting a flat and needing a tow, or replacing a lost or damaged key doesn't need to cause extra strain on your day. With a diverse lineup of vehicle protection plans offered by Evolution, everyday damages can be easily repaired and inconveniences can be a thing of the past.

To protect vehicle owners, Evolution by Dent Wizard offers vehicle protection plans for a variety of coverages, including:

  • protection for your tires and alloy wheels
  • exterior repairs to your vehicle's body panels
  • repairs or replacement of your windshield
  • exterior paint appearance and interior stain protection
  • lost keys
  • roadside assistance

We help you protect the safety and appearance of your vehicle and retain its value, minimizing the effects of everyday damage. All repairs are completed right at the dealership, performed by certified Dent Wizard technicians who provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and limited lifetime warranty on all repairs.

Keep your vehicle safe and looking beautiful. Eliminate the stress of flat tires, dents, windshield chips or cracks, wheel scrapes, bumper scuffs, interior rips, losing your keys and more. Choose the protection plan that’s perfect for you and relax knowing that there is a full team of qualified Dent Wizard technicians ready to repair your vehicle quickly and conveniently.

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AlwaysNu covers your new vehicle with a best in class road hazard tire and wheel protection. Add lost key replacement and other optional appearance coverages to keep your purchase looking like new.

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Ding Shield™

Dents and creases affect the appearance of your vehicle. Protect it with our customizable Ding Shield plan and choose from add-on repair services designed to keep your vehicle looking as good as new, inside and out.

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Nu Key®

Make lost, damaged or stolen vehicle keys a thing of the past with Nu Key®, an affordable replacement benefit for lost keys with a roadside assistance benefit. No out of pocket costs and no hassle service.

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SmartGlass® improves windshield clarity, boosts visibility in the rain and snow, helps to protect from road debris, and increases the windshield’s resistance to minor chips, stars, nicks or scratches.

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Get the benefit of SmartShield® featuring Armor All® products to protect the exterior paint and interior fabric and leather surfaces on your new vehicle from everyday environmental hazards and human mishaps.

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