SmartGlass® Windshield Protection Plan

The SmartGlass® windshield protection coating improves your windshield clarity and helps protect against damage caused by road hazards.

SmartGlass® is a water-based silane formula, applied to your windshield, that helps to protect from road debris while also creating a durable water-repellent barrier on the surface. It increases the windshield’s resistance to minor chips, stars, nicks or scratches, and improves visibility in the rain and snow.

With this protective coverage, you also receive unlimited repairs of chips, stars or nicks that may occur on the windshield’s surface. This prevents the damage from spreading. If, or when, a repair is not possible, or the integrity of the windshield has been compromised by larger damage, we will replace your windshield.

SmartGlass® Features

  • Improved resistance to sand pitting, scratches, chips and cracks
  • Improved visibility during rain or snow
  • Improved water resistance
  • Helps reduce night and sun glare

Should damage occur the SmartGlass® program covers:

  • Repairs of minor chips, stars or nicks caused by propelled rocks or road debris
  • Replacement for damage beyond repair using OEM glass and recalibration of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) cameras
  • Partnered with Safelite Solutions, America’s largest auto-glass experts and leaders in ADAS Service