Customizable plans for world-class auto body shops

Everything runs smoothly at your auto body shop when customers are happy. Customer satisfaction is what gets vehicles back in the garage for additional services down the road. On top of that, customers will refer their friends to you as well.

However, you can’t always rely only on returning customers using flagship services to meet your revenue goals as they may not bring their vehicle in again for months, maybe even years.

That’s why independent owners and multi-shop operations partner with Evolution Vehicle Protection by Dent Wizard. We work with you to incorporate a customizable vehicle protection plan for your shops.

Not everyone is going to have extensive body damage, but everyone will experience those small, everyday damages that affects the value and appearance of their vehicle and most often under their insurance deductible. Dents, scratches, interior rips, stains, wheel scuffs, bent rims, lost or damaged keys — owners want peace of mind and protection from all these everyday damages.

How Can Evolution Help?

We help body shops ease their workload with small-scale auto body repairs such as paintless dent repair, hail damage repair, cosmetic wheel repair, glass repair and more. How do we do it?

  • We work with auto body shops to create a customizable lineup of vehicle protection plans to offer customers. These protection plans can provide coverage against everyday damage. Customers want this coverage because their vehicle will always look brand new, stay safe and maintain a higher resale value.
  • We provide a fully comprehensive solution from helping you create a custom plan to sell in your shops, to handling the claims with our trained customer care specialists, to completing the repairs by our technicians. The seamless customer experience we want to create will leave a strong, positive impression of your brand when they leave the shop.

Best of all, Evolution Vehicle Protection plans have no out of pocket costs for your body shop. We bring in a qualified Account Manager to provide your service teams with training and support to ensure you maximize sales opportunities.

We utilize a fully-integrated electronic contracting system designed to make it easy for you to track and manage sales. We also provide backend support and tech compatibility to ensure every component of a product provides a seamless customer experience. These include:

  • Digital sales tools
  • eRating, eContracting and eRemittance with over 27 menu providers
  • In-store training and claims support by Dent Wizard staff
  • On-demand marketing supplies
  • Easy-to-use mobile claims application for the dealer’s service team

Evolution Vehicle Protection by Dent Wizard is committed to a hassle-free relationship designed to improve customer happiness and loyalty to grow revenue for your body shops.

Contact our team today to learn more.

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