Increase your reputation and revenue by offering Evolution by Dent Wizard.

As an insurer or Motor Club, your members expect the best. By partnering with Evolution to offer insured members a vehicle protection plan, you can ensure that your service offerings are leading the pack.

As a leader in automotive reconditioning for more than 30 years, you can feel confident that our thorough processes seamlessly address the challenges that your insured members face when everyday wear and tear occurs.

Protection without the Stress

As a Procurement Manager, offering Evolution Vehicle Protection by Dent Wizard is an opportunity to improve overall customer experience while increasing revenue and retention. Our service plans have been meticulously crafted to give you with the tools to provide superior protection – without the headaches.

When you partner with Evolution, we work with you to design a custom service plan that meets the unique needs of your membership base. This plan can be completely branded to reflect your organization and is designed to increase your reputation. Once the plan has been created, your representatives are able to offer it to your insured members in addition to their current insurance or motor club benefits.

Our highly trained team handles claims, assessments, and processing. When damage occurs, your insured member will be scheduled for the repair at their local dealership location and a Dent Wizard certified technician will complete the repairs.

Our technicians are highly skilled, so you can rest assured that your insured members will be satisfied with the quality of the work.

Evolution Vehicle Protection Plans

Learn more about specific Evolution plans below, or contact an Evolution representative to discuss your dealership’s unique needs in more detail.

  • AlwaysNu: AlwaysNu provides Road Hazard Tire and Wheel with Cosmetic Wheel Repair. Your customers will get protection to their wheels and tires from damage due to pot holes and road debris, as well as keeping their wheels looking new from curb scrapes. Add on dent repair with hail benefit, interior repair, windshield repair or replacement and key protection. Includes roadside assistance and a rental or rideshare benefit.
  • Ding Shield™: Ding Shield features our signature dent repair with hail benefit coverage with add-on coverages including, cosmetic wheel repair, interior repair, cosmetic bumper repair, windshield repair or replacement, and key protection. Includes a rental or rideshare benefit.
  • Nu Key®: Today’s key technology is more advanced with some amazing features, such as a push button start and keyless entry. Nu Key covers the repair or replacement costs for your customer. Includes roadside assistance, and a rental or rideshare benefit.
  • SmartShield®: SmartShield® featuring ArmorAll® products, helps prevent damage to the exterior paint finish and interior cabin. Our protective exterior coatings keep vehicle paint from acidic rain, tree sap and bird droppings, along with other environmental hazards. Our interior protection covers fabric and leather and prevents staining from everyday human mishaps, such as spilled drinks, food items and makeup. Includes a rental or rideshare benefit.

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