Protect your fleet with world-class vehicle protection plans from Dent Wizard

Drivers use their personal vehicles to represent your company on the road. To realize their best revenue potential and increase customer retention, their vehicles need to be in top condition beyond any requirements you may have.

We protect your driver’s vehicles from every day damages that occur to extend the life and value of their vehicles – and maximize their earnings potential.

Dent Wizard has been the leader in automotive reconditioning for more than 30 years. Evolution Vehicle Protection by Dent Wizard creates customized vehicle protection plans for rideshare companies offering protection to your employee or contractor’s vehicles. You determine the protection options that best suit the unique needs of your drivers.

Custom Vehicle Protection Plans for Rideshares

When you choose to partner with Evolution by Dent Wizard, you are providing a value-added service to your employees that trickles down to their passengers. Excellent maintenance of your driver-owned fleet positively reflects on your brand when rideshare passengers are safely transported.

With affordable pricing and extensive customization options, Evolution Vehicle Protection plans will increase your profits as well as your company value in a crowded marketplace.

You know your drivers will be in great hands with Dent Wizard because we service what we sell. With over 3,000 employees in North America, we offer:

  • Digital sales tools
  • Claims support by Dent Wizard staff
  • Easy-to-use mobile claims application

These plans and services are designed to give rideshare drivers added peace of mind while on the road transporting their passengers in a well-maintained vehicle.

Discover what Evolution Vehicle Protection by Dent Wizard can do for you!

Protect your driver-owned fleet and increase revenue with Evolution Vehicle Protection. Contact us today.