Improve Your Bottom Line at a Fraction of the Cost with Evolution

Evolution by Dent Wizard is the smart solution for your RV dealership, offering complete RV protection plans at an affordable rate. Partnering with Evolution can significantly increase your confidence in revenue growth and accurate forecasting.

Customers know purchasing an RV is just the start. After days, months and years cruising on the open roads, everyday mishaps and damages are bound to happen. It's not a matter of if, but when. That’s why your customers purchase an RV Protection plan from Evolution—they know a stress-free adventure means having coverage they can count on.

We understand that, as Chief Financial Officer, you want to offer F&I plans that provide a reliable, stable foundation for profit potential at your RV dealership. Evolution Vehicle Protection by Dent Wizard offers programs designed for just that, from unexpected road hazards to interior repairs or key replacements. Evolution by Dent Wizard provides a variety of plans built to give your customers the coverage and options they need to keep their investment like new.

Why Choose Evolution by Dent Wizard?

We know that selling a plan is just the first step. We also know that the quality of service answering the claims has the largest impact on RV dealerships. Evolution increases dealerships' profits by providing the highest quality service to dealerships and their customers. A partnership with Evolution includes dedicated training support, point of sale materials as well as direct liaison with an account manager. Our experts are trained to provide the highest quality service and customer care, helping drive a positive customer experience back to your RV dealership. Partner with Evolution from Dent Wizard today.

Evolution Vehicle Protection Plans

Learn more about our Evolution RV Protection plans below or contact an Evolution representative to discuss your RV dealership’s unique needs in greater detail.

  • AlwaysNu: Protection from road hazard tire and wheel damage with additional optional coverage. Provide your customers with protection for their wheels and tires from damage due to common road hazards such as pot holes and road debris. Add on additional coverage like interior repair, windshield repair or replacement and cosmetic wheel repair to help keep RVs looking like new. Coverage includes roadside assistance and a rental vehicle benefit.
  • Nu Key®: Today’s RV and motorhome key technology is sophisticated, with innovative features for customer safety and convenience. Nu Key® from Dent Wizard covers the replacement or repair of keys, fobs, or transponders for your customers. Coverage includes roadside assistance and a rental or rideshare benefit.

Discover what Evolution Vehicle Protection can do for your dealership. Contact us today.