Hail Damage Repair

Ohio Hail Damage Repair

A hailstorm hit Ohio recently, and avoiding the damage was nearly impossible. But repairing the hail damage is quick and easy with Dent Wizard’s hail damage repair process.

Dent Wizard is the leading provider of hail damage repair and the world leader in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). With over 30 years of experience in hail damage repair, Dent Wizard technicians are able to provide high-quality hail repair for vehicles.

We specialize in repairing vehicles that have been struck with hail. If your vehicle has been damaged by hail in Dublin, Ohio, or any of the surrounding areas, you can rest assured knowing that Dent Wizard has the experience and technology to get your vehicle back to its pre-damaged condition. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and comes with a written limited lifetime warranty.

Restore your vehicle to its original factory condition following the recent Ohio storm with hail damage repair by Dent Wizard.


The Dent Wizard Difference For Hail Damaged Cars

Trust your vehicle to the leaders in PDR and in total auto reconditioning with the peace of mind that comes with:

  • Highly trained technicians. Dent Wizard Technicians receive ongoing training that allows them to use the latest innovative methods in vehicle hail damage repair.
  • 100% satisfaction-guaranteed repairs. Each of our repairs comes with a written limited lifetime warranty.
  • Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value – Dents and dings decrease the resale value of your vehicle. Paintless Dent Repair returns your vehicle to the original factory condition without affecting the factory paint finish

Our hail damage repair process begins with an assessment of the hail-damaged car, an estimate and on-site repairs in Dublin and surrounding areas.

Our Ohio Locations:

6451 Sawmill Rd
Dublin, Ohio 43017


How Do I Repair Hail Damage To My Vehicle?

Dent Wizard completes hail damage repairs in Dublin, OH. Here's how it works:

  1. Contact your auto insurance provider to see if hail damage repair is covered. Typically, comprehensive insurance includes coverage for hail damage, but every insurance company handles hail claims differently. Follow up with your insurance agent if you do not know how to file a claim.
  2. File an insurance claim with your provider. Get your vehicle's damage appraised through your insurance agency's claim drive or field inspection. Dent Wizard can also provide a damage appraisal as a direct repair program.
  3. Make sure the exterior of your vehicle is clean. This will ensure an accurate estimate is given. Repair costs vary based on the extent of hail damage.
  4. Tell your adjuster that Dent Wizard is your repair shop of choice.
  5. If Dent Wizard is writing your estimate, our customer care center will assist you in getting an appointment scheduled (800-969-4245 (HAIL)).
  6. Schedule your hail repair at the nearest Dent Wizard Facility.
  7. Pay your insurance payment and deductible. Dent Wizard provides a limited lifetime warranty for your hail damage repair.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hail Damage Repair

You may have many questions about the hail repair process. Below are some of the most common questions customers have about hail damage repair. For further questions or clarifications, call 800-969-4245 (HAIL) and we will be happy to assist you!


How Do I Schedule My Vehicle For Hail Repair In Ohio?

At the time of your estimate, you will be asked when you would like to schedule your repairs. Be aware that there are many people just like you after a large storm. Depending on the number of claims in your area, it could be several weeks before your repair can be scheduled.

What Methods Are Used To Repair Hail Damage?

If a supplement is required, it may extend the time needed to repair your vehicle. The supplement will be explained to the customer along with an adjusted pick-up date.

Depending on the severity of your vehicle's hail damage, Dent Wizard can provide two types of repairs on your vehicle.

Paintless Dent Repair: The first method of hail damage repair is to completely repair your vehicle utilizing the Dent Wizard Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process. From drop off to pick up, repairing hail damage with PDR normally takes a few days to complete.

PDR + Conventional Repairs: The second involves the use of both the PDR process and conventional body shop repairs. This process is referred to as a Combination Repair. The time frame for this type of repair may take several days or longer depending on the severity of hail damage.

Dent Wizard will work with you to determine your repair time following your estimate. If you are uncertain of your availability at the time of the estimate, Dent Wizard can have a Customer Service Representative follow up with you within 48 hours to schedule the repair. Customers can also schedule a repair through the Customer Care Center by calling 1-800-969-4245.

How Long Does Hail Damage Repair Take?

Depending on the severity of the storm and the damage on your vehicle, repair times can vary. For light to moderate hail damage repairs, it may take 1 to 3 days. For severe damage that needs body shop participation for panel replacement and paint work, repairs may take 2 to 3 weeks.


Body Shops

Dent Wizard provides on-site repair to body shops for hail damage. Free up your technicians to focus on bigger jobs and let Dent Wizard take care of hail damage. Contact a Dent Wizard representative today to learn more about Hail Damage Repair for Body Shops.


Catastrophe Response

To combat the aftereffects of a hailstorm in Ohio, Dent Wizard has a large and experience hail catastrophe team ready to restore large quantities of hail damaged vehicles to their pre-storm condition. To learn more, please contact Will Kodrowsky at 412-867-5743 or william.kodrwosky@dentwizard.com or Randy Sheridan at 314-707-9220, randy.sheridan@dentwizard.com.


Insurance Companies

Our Catastrophe Response team is highly trained in estimation and high-quality repairs following hailstorms and can repair your customer’s vehicles quickly and efficiently. Contact us today.

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Dealers Affected By Hail

Dent Wizard’s Hail Damage Repair and Catastrophe Response teams can quickly and effectively repair vehicles on your Ohio lot to make your inventory Frontline fast again.