Car Interior Repair

Vehicle Interior Repair Services by Dent Wizard

A well-kept interior can make or break a potential resale of a vehicle. A poorly-kept interior can leave a bad impression on a customer driving a rental car and might make them not want to rent a car from you again.

Maintaining and repairing a car’s interior extends the lifespan of the vehicle and makes the driving experience more enjoyable, while increasing the possible resale value.

Dent Wizard’svehicle interior repair services provide an affordable solution for automotive businesses that rely on well-maintained vehicles and fast repairs.

Businesses trust Dent Wizard technicians to complete a variety of interior vehicle repairs because we are the world leader in automotive reconditioning.


Dent Wizard technicians are equipped to provide the following interior repair solutions for automotive service providers:

Carpet Dyeing & Repair

Spills and daily wear leave car carpets looking stained and shabby—something you don’t want your customer to see when they first sit in a rental car or when they are looking at a used car on your dealership lot.

Dent Wizard technicians can fix a variety of damage to your inventory’s carpet, including cigarette burns and stains you thought would never come out.

Learn more about our vehicle carpet dyeing & repair services.

Console & Dashboard Repair

No one wants to buy a car with a dashboard needing significant repair, but daily usage can end up causing damage over time like spills, stains and scratches.

Vehicle dashboard repair is key to improving a car’s value and making it enjoyable to drive for renters.

Learn more about our vehicle dashboard repair services.

Detail Services

No used vehicle is perfect, which is why it’s important to maintain the quality of your inventory, whether vehicles require a repair or just a deep clean.

Dent Wizard technicians provide a complete line of detailing services for dealerships, focusing on four key areas: quality, reliability, faster turn-times and value.

Learn more about our auto detail services.

Vehicle Upholstery Repair

Appearance matters both inside and out when seeking top dollar on used vehicles or managing a fleet of rental cars. The smallest rip, burn or hole in a car’s upholstery can have a big effect on its value.

Dent Wizard technicians are experienced in repairing all types of vehicle upholstery from leather seats to vinyl.

Learn more about our vehicle upholstery repair services.

Our trained team of interior repair technicians utilize industry-leading techniques and take advantage of the newest interior repair technology to make your car good as new again. Contact Dent Wizard today to see the interior repair magic we can do.

Business Services

Dent Wizard provides SMART repairs to a variety of fleet and vehicle-based businesses. Learn about partnering with Dent Wizard to improve your business today.

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Dent Wizard has been specializing in SMART repairs for over three decades, repairing thousands of vehicles to their original factory finish through technologically advanced, high quality repairs.

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