Car Ding Free by Dent Wizard

Ding Free by Dent Wizard

The perfect hood, flawless contour and beautiful smooth paint job of a new car is hard to resist. When you're in the possession of a brand new (or new-to-you) vehicle, you want to maintain the beauty of your vehicle for as long as possible, allowing you to enjoy the look and feel of your investment for months after you hit the road for the first time.

Dent Wizard's Ding-Free Program allows you to keep your vehicle in that "just purchased" condition for 90 days after purchase.

Ding-Free is available to customers who purchase new or pre-owned vehicles at dealerships participating in Dent Wizard's Ding Free Program. With each new or pre-owned vehicle purchase, customers get a Ding-Free Card that allows them to bring the vehicle back to the dealership if a ding (up to the size of the ding free card) occurs in the first 90 days of ownership, allowing the customer to have peace of mind when it comes to ding removal and to avoid costs to maintain the appearance and value of their vehicle.

Ding Free for Dealerships

Dealers can keep pre-owned vehicles on their lot ding and dent free by participating in Dent Wizard's Certified Ding Free Program. Once certified, Dent Wizard guarantees that the vehicles will remain ding and dent free until sold.

To become certified, a Dent Wizard representative conducts an initial inventory inspection and certifies all pre-owned vehicles are ding free.

Then, Dent Wizard provides customers with a Ding-Free Card through the dealer's F&I department with every Dent Wizard Certified pre-owned or new vehicle.

Offering customers the peace of mind that comes from three months of a flawless exterior is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and maintain a positive relationship with your customers following the sale of a new vehicle.

To learn more about participating in Dent Wizard's Certified Ding Free Program, contact a service representative by calling 1-800-DENT-WIZ (1-800-336-8949) today.

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