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Case Study - Hanania Automitive Group


The Hanania Automotive Groups operates 11 dealerships in Florida, ranging from luxury and exotic brands to popular brands: Acura (2), Audi, Infinity, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, FIAT, Subaru, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Mitsubishi. They currently recondition approximately 400 cars per month.



  • Each Hanania dealership used a variety of vendors for recon work.
  • Dent Wizard was their main source for PDR work.
  • Due to the volume of vehicles being reconditioned at each dealership, it made sense to consolidate recon services.
  • Geographic proximity of the 11 dealerships made it possible to centralize paint recon services.



Executives at Hanania were sold on Frontline Fast, but the management at the dealership level had not bought in -- they liked working with their chosen vendors and, in some cases, friends.


The Solution

  • Implemented Frontline Fast Program allowing a consolidation of vendors across all dealers and providing consistent pricing across all services.
  • Create a pre-approval process, which made life a lot easier for the dealership managers and their people.
  • Centralize the paint work facility: Paint repairs for all 11 dealerships are done at one location.



  • Reduction in recon days by using Frontline Fast: From 7 days per car down to 3 days per car



  • Consolidated services: PDR, bumper repair, wheel repair, interior repair.
  • Dent Wizard’s professionalism

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