Wheel Powder Coating Services

Want a great new look for your wheels? Dent Wizard’s Wheel Technicians are experts in Wheel Powder Coating finishes.

Wheel Powder Coating is a durable, affordable and eye-catching way to add a customized look to your vehicle.

Different from a standard paint job, Powder Coating involves dry powder that is applied to wheels, which does not require a binding solvent. Our Wheel Powder Coating finishes are applied through a process called electrostatic coating. The product is then baked onto the surface of the wheels, allowing heat to form a skin (also known as the powder coating) on the wheels.

The hard finish created by Wheel Powder Coating is typically more durable than a standard paint job and is available in hundreds of custom colors—so you’re guaranteed to get exactly the custom look you want with wheel powder coating.


There are several reasons why you may decide to choose Wheel Powder Coating when comparing to standard paint jobs.


Wheel Powder Coating is one of the most durable quality finish types available on the market. Our Wheel Powder Coating is virtually chip, scratch and fade-resistant. Also, the color of a Wheel Powder Coating finish stays brighter longer when compared to traditional paint jobs.

Powder Coating is also generally twice as thick as standard paint.


Wheel Powder Coating is extremely versatile for achieving exactly the look you want. Wheel Powder Coating comes in satin or gloss finishes. Even better, Wheel Powder Coating can be done in virtually any color you choose.


Dent Wizard can help you achieve your desired results with Wheel Powder Coating services at our Wheel Repair Centers located in St. Louis, MO, Phoenix, AZ and Bloomfield, CT.

Let our trained and experienced wheel technicians make your wheels stand out with superior Wheel Powder Coating Services.

Learn more about all of our wheel reconditioning services, or contact us today for a quote!

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