Dent Wizard’s Frontline Fast Program
Keeps your pre-owned inventory at its peak ripeness

Dent Wizard Frontline Fast

For a dealership, time matters.

You’re in the business to move cars fast, but at the same time, you don’t want to sell just any car, right?

Not a chance.

You want to sell the right car and give your customers a great buying experience.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to move cars fast. You can take time to ensure your used inventory looks great inside-and-out while maintaining a strong profit margin and providing your customers with a quality product.

Get Your Lot Frontline-Ready Fast

With Dent Wizard’s Frontline Fast Program, you can significantly reduce your reconditioning days from an average of 7-11 to fewer than 3. That’s a 4-8-day improvement in holding costs. 

Plus, by consolidating cosmetic repair services, you’ll spend less time managing vendors. 

When you take on new pre-owned inventory, Frontline Fast by Dent Wizard is the only solution.

Frontline Fast by Dent Wizard is truly a one-stop auto reconditioning solution for dealerships.

From paintless dent repair, hail damage repair, bumpers, wheels, windshield chip repair, chip and scratch repair, headlight brightening and interior repair including carpet, console, leather and vinyl repair, Frontline Fast is the solution to getting your inventory ready when time matters.

Get Your Lot Frontline Ready w/ Dent Wizard

Simplify your life by choosing Dent Wizard’s proven Frontline Fast program to streamline your process, reduce holding costs, deliver to specific standards, and expedite the cosmetic reconditioning process.

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