Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are SMART repairs?
    SMART is an acronym for small to medium area repair techniques. These repairs typically focus on the area of the damage and can be completed quickly often on the same day. SMART repairs by Dent Wizard include paintless dent repair, bumper repair, wheel repair and much more.
  2. What is paintless dent repair (PDR) from Dent Wizard?
    Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) consists of repairing dents and dings on vehicles without affecting the original factory condition. By using Dent Wizard’s specially designed tools, Dent Wizard’s trained and certified technician's reform body metal back to its original condition maintaining the integrity of the manufacturer's original condition. Dent Wizard is approved by most major manufacturers and offers a no-drill policy on all repairs.
  3. What’s kind of damage can be repaired using PDR?
    Dent Wizard’s Paintless Dent Repair process can remove a variety of dents, dings and body creases including ovals and creases. If there is not any paint damage, it is likely repairable. There are limitations on the size of dents covered by Ding Shield Service plans. To learn about those limitations, click here.
  4. How long does it take to have a dent removed using PDR?
    Usual and customary paintless dent repairs can be completed same day, however, hail repairs may take a few days.
  5. Can Dent Wizard do several repairs in one repair appointment?
    Yes, Dent Wizard provides a one-stop service for a variety of interior and exterior repairs, often providing our SMART repairs in conjunction with regular service at a dealership. Due to the nature of the repairs, many can often be completed in one repair appointment.
  6. Can Dent Wizard fix or remove cigarette burns in car interiors?
    Yes, Dent Wizard provides a variety of interior repairs including carpet dyeing services to repair worn, stained and discolored car carpets. Hole repairs are limited to those that are less than 1” in diameter and carpet rips and tears are not to exceed 3” in length.
  7. What types of repairs are available for seats and upholstery in vehicles?
    Dent Wizard repairs leather, vinyl and fabric car interiors and upholstery. Our upholstery repair services include carpet dyeing, hole patching (for holes up to 1” in diameter) and repairs of rips and tears (up to 3” in length).
  8. What type of bumper damage can Dent Wizard repair?
    Dent Wizard can repair bumper scrapes, scruffs, dents, scratches and gouges. Dent Wizard offers both partial bumper repair and full bumper repair. To learn more about bumper repair by Dent Wizard, click here.
  9. Can Dent Wizard repair damage from gravel, salt and debris?
    Yes, Dent Wizard’s chip and scratch repair process can quickly and effectively repair damage from gravel, salt and debris.
  10. How can I become a Dent Wizard PDR technician?
    Dent Wizard offers the most comprehensive tuition-free PDR training program in the industry. It consists of eight weeks at our St. Louis training center, learning the intricacies of the Dent Wizard Process with both classroom and hands-on experiences.. Ongoing training in advanced techniques and additional certification opportunities are offered throughout a Dent Wizard technician’s career. To learn more about the position, visit this page or apply online.
  11. Can Dent Wizard repair cracked windshields?
    Dent Wizard can repair small chips and scratches in windshields. Our repair process can be applied to chips that are starbursts or bulls-eyes up to the length of a U.S. quarter on the windshield. To learn more about windshield chip repair, visit this page.
  12. What’s the difference between Dent Wizard and other hail damage repair providers?
    Dent Wizard is unlike many hail damage repair providers because we are a national company that operates year-round, providing multiple auto reconditioning services for vehicle owners and businesses across the US and Canada. Dent Wizard is devoted to world-class customer service before, during and after the repair, offering limited lifetime warranties and making ourselves available for follow-up inquiries regarding the repair.
  13. How do I find the Dent Wizard that is nearest to me?
    Use our locator or call 1-800-DENT-WIZ (1-800-336-8949) to find a Dent Wizard in your area. Have questions about Dent Wizard’s Ding Shield service plans? Click here.
  14. What types of wheel damage can Dent Wizard repair?
    Dent Wizard offers a wide variety of cosmetic wheel repair services, including repairs for scrapes, scratches, gouges, and bent wheels at our dealership, auction, and body shop partners’ locations across the United States and Canada. In addition, Dent Wizard has specialty wheel remanufacturing centers located in Phoenix, St. Louis and Bloomfield that offer advanced wheel repair services and custom wheel painting.
    All Dent Wizard repairs come with a free no-obligation quote, 100% satisfaction and a lifetime repair warranty. Learn more on our Wheel Services page.
  15. Why should I repair my wheels with Dent Wizard?
    Repairing your wheels with Dent Wizard is less expensive than buying replacement wheels and adds resale value to your vehicle. We offer free, no-obligation estimates and all repairs are done locally by Dent Wizard’s trained wheel technicians who go through a state-of-the art training program and use the best technology in the industry.
  16. Does wheel repair improve resale value?
    Yes. Wheel scrapes, scratches and gouges caused by typical wear-and-tear will impact your vehicle’s resale value. Our wheel repair services are more affordable than purchasing replacement wheels, and our trained technicians are experts at making wheels look brand new – just as they were the day you purchased your vehicle – adding resale value.
  17. How quickly can Dent Wizard restore wheels?
    Dent Wizard has a nationwide service network, ensuring we have fully trained wheel restoration technicians available to get your vehicle back on the road fast. Dent Wizard can often restore wheels in a matter of days, and sometimes, even on the same day.
  18. Does Dent Wizard paint wheels?
    Yes. Most all mobile cosmetic repairs involve some level of painting and all of our mobile repair technicians are fully trained to complete any painted repair. Additionally, we also offer powder coating and custom color services at our Phoenix, St. Louis and Bloomfield wheel remanufacturing facilities.

Dent Wizard Partners with Team Penske

Earlier this year, Team Penske announced a new multi-year partnership with Dent Wizard, North America’s largest provider of automotive reconditioning services and vehicle protection products.

The Dent Wizard brand will debut as the primary sponsor on the No. 12 Ford Mustang driven by Ryan Blaney for two races in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (MENCS), including the August 17 race at Bristol Motor Speedway and the October 13 event at Talladega Superspeedway.

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