Leasing Company

SMART Repairs for Your Leasing Company

Maximizing the value of vehicles returned at the end of a lease is critical to any leasing company. Studies show that for every $1.00 invested in reconditioning a vehicle at an auction, the seller receives an average of $1.50 return on investment.

When you work with Dent Wizard for your automotive reconditioning needs, you gain a partner in business that is committed to making your vehicles look better than brand new through high-quality repairs that increase the value of each vehicle.

Quality and regulatory compliant services, consistent customer experience nationwide, simplified vendor management, technical training support and reduced liability exposure are all advantages of using Dent Wizard

Repair Leased Car Damage with Frontline Fast

Dent Wizard is the one-stop shop for leasing companies looking for SMART repairs.

Dent Wizard provides the following services for leasing companies:

Contact us to learn more about increasing the value of the vehicles in your leasing inventory with Dent Wizard. Call 1-800-DENT-WIZ (1-800-336-8949).

Hail Repair Services

Seeing the effects of a recent hail storm? Contact Dent Wizard for hail damage repair by the leaders in paintless dent repair (PDR) today.

Why Choose Dent Wizard

Dent Wizard is a leading provider of full auto reconditioning services, including exterior, interior and wheel repairs. We've been dedicated to continuous innovation and excellence in the auto reconditioning industry for over three decades. Learn more.

Increase the Sale Value of Your Leased Cars

Dent Wizard provides SMART repairs to leasing companies across the US & Canada. Increase the value of your leased cars with Dent Wizard. Learn More.

Car Key Replacement & Programming

Get fast turnaround time for services including unlocking vehicles, cutting and programming keys and transponder key replacement. Learn more.