Vehicle Protection Plan

Vehicle Protection Plans for Dealerships

When customers purchase a new car, they fall in love with it. They want to protect it and preserve that new-car look, feel and value. Of course, auto insurance protects from the more serious damage and regular maintenance keeps things running smoothly, but what about everyday wheel or tire damage, dents, windshield chips, interior rips and more? Consumers want protection from the smaller damages that insurance does not cover. They want to keep their vehicle looking like new. Your dealership cannot prevent unexpected events, but you can provide plans that protect customers' cars and their overall satisfaction with your dealership.

Dent Wizard partners with Sonsio, a leading provider of vehicle protection and warranty programs to automotive dealers. In addition to Sonsio’s wide array of vehicle protection and warranty plan offerings, it offers unparalleled service levels and coverage, expertise, experience and geographic reach in North America. Sonsio’s offerings include an array of options including:

  • Road Hazard Tire & Wheel – replacement or repair for tires and wheels
  • Dent Repair – unlimited repair for dents and creases; hail damage benefit
  • Windshield Repair – unlimited chip repair to the windshield
  • Interior Repair – protection against rips, tears and burns to the cabin interior
  • Key Protection – locate or replace lost or damaged keys
  • Cosmetic Bumper Repair – repair of scuffs or scrapes to the vehicle’s bumper
  • Roadside Assistance – flat tire changing, key lockout services, towing services up to $150
  • Rental Vehicle Benefit – one day rental at $50 a day
  • Exterior Paint & Interior Protection – protect the vehicle paint from the environment and the interior cloth, leather and carpet from human mishaps

When F&I at your dealership runs smoothly, customers are happy. Let Dent Wizard/Sonsio help boost customer satisfaction even more by increasing PVR income through our standard and customized vehicle protection plans for dealerships.

For more information about vehicle protection plans, please visit the Sonsio website or complete this contact form.

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