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Ding Free for Dealerships

Dealers can keep pre-owned vehicles on their lot ding and dent free by participating in Dent Wizard's Certified Ding Free Program. Once certified, Dent Wizard guarantees that the vehicles will remain ding and dent free until sold.

To become certified, a Dent Wizard representative conducts an initial inventory inspection and certifies all pre-owned vehicles are ding free.

Then, Dent Wizard provides customers with a Ding-Free Card through the dealer's F&I department with every Dent Wizard Certified pre-owned or new vehicle.

Offering customers the peace of mind that comes from three months of a flawless exterior is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and maintain a positive relationship with your customers following the sale of a new vehicle.

To learn more about participating in Dent Wizard’s Certified Dinge Free Program, please complete the form below:

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