Automotive Carpet Dyeing

Car Carpet Dyeing & Repair

Spills and daily wear can leave car carpets looking stained and shabby, causing pre-owned vehicles to lose resale value or rendering rental vehicles unfit for service. 

Dent Wizard provides automotive carpet dye services to repair worn, stained and discolored car carpets to businesses that rely on vehicles that are in their very best condition.

Our technicians are equipped to fix a variety of damage, including cigarette burns, and improve the overall appearance of used vehicles.

Through our car carpet dyeing process, Dent Wizard technicians repair holes, cuts and tears, adding valuable resale value to the vehicle and getting it rental and frontline ready, fast. Hole repairs are limited to those that are less than 1" in diameter and carpet rips and tears are not to exceed 3" in length.

We work primarily with dealerships, body shops, rental agencies, leasing companies, auto auctions and other businesses within the automotive industry to provide car carpet dyeing.

Our skilled repair technicians help other automotive businesses get their vehicles frontline and rental-ready as quickly as possible. We offer several interior and exterior SMART repairs.

Business Services

Dent Wizard provides SMART repairs to a variety of fleet and vehicle-based businesses. Learn about partnering with Dent Wizard to improve your business today.