Catastrophe Response

Hail Catastrophe Services

Hail has the potential to completely derail a fleet-based business or car dealership. When a hailstorm hits your business, Dent Wizard dent repair technicians are standing by to provide high quality repairs.

Whether you need to repair 10 damaged vehicles or 10,000 damaged vehicles, the Dent Wizard team is standing by.

Dent Wizard has an experienced hail catastrophe team. When you need us, we are ready to repair large quantities of hail damaged vehicles to their original factory condition. Minimizing the aftereffects of a hailstorm helps your business maximize profits.

Dent Wizard is experienced working with insurance providers to process claims and is ready to act quickly. We specialize in repairing hail damaged inventory for dealers, auctions, rental agencies and more.

The Dent Wizard Difference for FLEET HAIL REPAIRS

Dent Wizard stands out from competitors for our unmatched hail catastrophe response services. We are the leader in paintless dent repair (PDR) and are highly recommended by industry leaders. Our catastrophe response team provides customers with:

  • The highest quality repair services for auto body shops, dealerships, rental agencies, and other fleet businesses
  • Quick response time for a faster repair cycle
  • Experienced staff trained in estimating and customer service
  • Consistent quality and strict repair guidelines
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all dent repair services
  • Limited lifetime warranties on all repairs
  • $5M liability insurance

To learn more about Dent Wizard’s hail damage catastrophe response services, call a Dent Wizard representative at 1-800-969-HAIL (1-800-969-4245) today.

Have Hail Damage? Contact Our Catastrophe Response Team

Dent Wizard has a large and experienced hail catastrophe team ready to restore any sized fleet of hail damaged vehicles. Whether you have 10 damaged vehicles or 10,000, you can get back to pre-storm condition with help from the experts at Dent Wizard. To learn more, please contact Will Kodrowsky at 412-867-5743 or or Randy Sheridan at 314-707-9220,

Catastrophe Response

To combat the aftereffects of a hail storm, Dent Wizard has a large and experience hail catastrophe team ready to restore large quantities of hail damaged vehicles to their pre-storm condition. To learn more, please contact Will Kodrowsky at 412-867-5743 or or Randy Sheridan at 314-707-9220,

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Dent Wizard is a leading provider of Catastrophe Response for businesses impacted by Hail Damage. Contact us today.

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Dent Wizard works with insurance companies and large fleet owners to repair catastrophic hail damage quickly and with a commitment to quality repairs. Learn more about Dent Wizard.