Vehicle Console & Dashboard Repair

Console & Dashboard Repair

No potential vehicle owner wants to drive a car with a worn vehicle console or dashboard needing significant repair.

Simple daily usage can cause the value of a vehicle to decline over time as the interior endures spills, stains and other damage. While these incidents can result in damage to carpet and seats, a vehicle's console is also susceptible to damage over time.

Removing stains and scratches from a vehicle console improves the overall look of a vehicle's interior and replenishes lost resale value. Making SMART repairs such as these have a strong impact on the marketability and resale value of a vehicle.

Reconditioning a vehicle's interior will not only make it more enjoyable for future owners to drive, but also contributes to a higher resale value.

Dashboard and vehicle console repair are just two of the many SMART repairs available for automotive businesses including dealerships, rental agencies, auto auctions, body shops and more.

Business Services

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