Dent Wizard Auto Insurance Claims Process

Auto Insurance Claims Process

For companies in need of assistance handling catastrophic hail losses, we offer two options:

  • Direct Repair Program
  • Claim Service Drive Assistance

Both options can significantly reduce an insurance companies Loss Adjustment Expense as well as Loss Severity*.

Direct Repair Program

In our Direct Repair Program (DRP), Dent Wizard’s appraisal staff and Customer Care Center will take care of the customer through most of the insurance claim process including the appraisal appointment and repair process seamlessly.

Many of our referrals come through one of the established estimating management systems such as CCC One, Audatex, or Mitchell. As the referrals are received, Dent Wizard's Customer Care Center contacts the customer within 24 hours to schedule the appraisal at a nearby Dent Wizard inspection facility, usually a partner body shop.

Dent Wizard’s appraisal staff will perform all inspections indoors with proper lighting conditions to ensure the most accurate appraisal possible. Estimates are usually written in one of the industry accepted electronic estimating products. Our experienced team follows all client material damage guidelines to maintain compliance and quality.

Estimates are based on Dent Wizard's industry hail damage pricing matrix, and established guidelines on proper repair techniques. Costs are controlled through the matrix pricing, and established guidelines on removing trim and parts for repair access. Vehicles repaired utilizing as much PDR as possible will get the customer back in their vehicle in less time, which directly reduces severity through lower rental costs.

Loss adjustment expense is reduced through Dent Wizard appraising the vehicles compared to the cost of maintaining staff appraisers or independent appraisers in the field. The estimates and photos are available for insurance carrier review, or client review processes.

After completing the estimate, the appraiser will review the estimate with the vehicle owner, and will offer repair services to the customer.

If the customer has any questions on the repairs to their vehicle, Dent Wizard staff will take time to review the process with the customer which may include a live demonstration of paintless dent repair where the customer can watch some damage being repaired, leaving the factory paint intact.

Dent Wizard's Customer Care Center is also available to help customers set their repair appointments through follow up courtesy calls.

Of course, any repairs performed by Dent Wizard carry a lifetime warranty to the customer. Dent Wizard is devoted to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Claim Drive Assistance

Through Dent Wizard’s Claim Drive Assistance, Dent Wizard appraisal staff or management can be on site at a client’s claim drive location. Dent Wizard Claim Drive Assistance staff is there to calibrate damages with clients and provide PDR consulting for accurate damage assessments.

Damages are reviewed with the client claim staff to identify PDR opportunities, as well as to identify damage that would best be repaired through conventional body shop repair and replace operations. Dent Wizard will advise on borderline damage which may help reduce supplements down the line. Clients will be provided a scope sheet on the damages for the client to use in their own estimating software.

Dent Wizard will also offer repair services to vehicle owners who decide to repair their vehicles. Again, the lifetime warranty on repairs lets the customers know that Dent Wizard stands behind the repairs. Severity can be controlled through more accurate estimates. Loss adjustment costs are controlled by needing fewer adjusting staff on site with Dent Wizard there to assist with damage evaluation.

If you’re interested in learning more about these programs, please contact us today by calling 1-800-969-HAIL (1-800-969-4245) or by using our contact form. A representative will contact you within 24 hours.

*Compared to conventional body repair methods.

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