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Streamline Your Reconditioning Process with Dent Wizard

Does your dealership run like a pit crew?

A NASCAR pit stop for four tires and fuel can last 12-16 seconds. We might not be able to match 12 seconds, but we can reduce your reconditioning days. Every day your inventory awaits reconditioning adds costs and reduces margin. Using Dent Wizard’s Frontline Fast program will significantly reduce your reconditioning days from an average of seven to eleven to fewer than three. That is a four-to-eight-day improvement in holding costs.

Simplify your life and let Dent Wizard’s proven Frontline Fast program streamline your process, reduce holding costs, deliver to specific standards and expedite the cosmetic reconditioning process.

Visit us at booth #2572C at NADA to learn more about Frontline Fast program and our additional services, including:

As an industry leader in all these services, you can trust Dent Wizard to provide you with added value to your vehicles!

Dent Wizard Does More Than Just Reconditioning

In addition to being your one-stop reconditioning source, Dent Wizard offers a full lineup of Evolution Vehicle Protection plans you can offer your customers. We work with you and your team to provide a customizable plan designed to meet your unique business challenges. Our plans can provide coverage options for a variety of services, including:

  • Unlimited exterior repairs to vehicle body panels
  • Ceramic paint coating
  • Repairs to windshields, bumpers and alloy wheels
  • Interior damage protection including fabric and leather protection
  • Road hazard tire and wheel coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Key location, repair and replacement

Unlike the Wizard of Oz, we’re not hiding behind any curtains. Our Wizards are dedicated to completing the highest quality repairs using the latest cutting-edge technology while providing superior customer service—every single day.

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